Sunday, January 27, 2013

In Indonesia Seabed There are 500,000 Shipwrecks!

Director of Heritage Preservation & Museum Ministry of Culture, Tourism, Youth & Sports Surya Helmi said, about 500,000 are in a shipwreck marine waters of Indonesia.

"According to UNESCO, there's at least million shipwrecks worldwide & ten percent in Indonesia," said Surya Helmi on the sidelines Sync Accelerated Development Coordination Meeting in Tanjungpandan Maritime Museum, Pacific Islands, Wednesday.

Therefore, Helmi asked fishermen not to carelessly take objects from the sea without first reporting it to the government.

Helmi said Indonesia is rich in underwater cultural heritage that must be protected. "According to the Law (UU) No. 11 of 2010 on Heritage, the government will provide extreme penalties for anyone who committed a criminal act insipid removal or destruction of Indonesian culture," said Helmi.

Violation of the law would be punishable by confinement of years as well as a maximum fine of Rp one billion.

In line with Surya, the Secretary of the Board of Marine Indonesia Dedy H Sutisna mention the economic potential of valuable cargo vessel that sank origin (BMKT) worth one.1 billion U.S. dollars. "It is estimated there's 700 to 800 points BMKT potential, but only 463 points are identified," said Dedy.

"For example, the Pacific Islands, there's valuable shipwreck, but regrettably archaeological objects have been looted, the ship of the Tang Dynasty & the vessel Tek Sing," said Akifumi.

Meanwhile, a Japanese researcher, Professor Akifumi Iwabuchi, said Indonesia has the potential to create cultural park under water because there's plenty of valuable archaeological objects in the ocean.

Akifumi explained, with the right expertise & further research, underwater cultural park can be developed in Indonesia.

Treasure Valued at USD 4.5 trillion

Spanish authorities had recorded all this treasure since flown in from Florida, USA, to Spain, in February. Precious objects will be placed in the National Museum of Underwater Archeological Cartagena, a city on the banks of the middle sea.

Displaying valuables to the public will begin next year.

There are an estimated 574,553 silver coins and 212 gold coins in the treasure that had contested the treasure seeker company Odyssey Marine Exploration, which previously claimed As with their possessions.

Companies based in Florida has finally failed to defend the treasure they found, after the court declared that the treasure belonged to the Spanish government.

Odyssey claimed an estimated cost of two, 9 million dollars to seek and find the treasure. Estimates previously mentioned all this treasure worth 500 million U.S. dollars. But the Spanish did not want to predict how the value of this treasure as a Spanish cultural heritage. Spanish law also does not allow these objects are sold.

 The ship was carrying a treasure trove of Latin American kawsana allegedly currently the territory of Bolivia, Peru and Chile. Peru parties could claim these assets but raw, because at that time there was no country called Peru in there.